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Seriouslywired: Handy and Essential Gadgets

Just added to the listings at UK Gadget Stores is Seriouslywired!!! This is just one of the new stores you can vew them all on the site now!! We try to add a few new ones each week!

Seriouslywired is a gadgets and electrics store that takes a more technical and scientific view on gadgets, everything is very techy and useful. Handy gadgets and accessories for your computer, iPod, digital camera, mobile phones and household! There are a thousand handy gadgety bits that defy description but you will have to have them!!

Seriouslywired are wireless specailists with a huge range of stuff to keep you on the move, Bluetooth, entertainment, chargers and even printing solutions!

Find cool, modern gadgets and at Seriouslywired

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