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Play: Free delivery and great deals

play are a great store and if you have not sampled the great gadgets and electrics type stuff there you will want to soon. The choice is huge from toys and fun gizmos to boys toys and techie stuff, and everything has free delivery with no minimum spend!

Just now they featuring a whole host of stuff from the new Transformers movie, this is THE hot film for summer 2009 and you will be lucky to be able to see it in the cinema in the next few weeks as it will be sold out! Toys, action figures, novelties and memorabilia are all here. features all the cult sci-fi movies plus they have all sorts of electrics stuff such as media players, cameras, desktop/USB goodies and toys. are probably best known for their entertainment selection ie DVDs, CDs, books, Blue Ray, games and electronic games and accessories. The choice is unrivalled with literally millions of titles in stock at prices that are seriously lower than you will find in any high street store, new titles and a giant back catalogue of classics and cult classics! Combine the low prices with the vast choice add into the mix free postage on everything and loads of stuff you wont find anywhere else and you have

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