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Mothers Day Gadgets

Mothers Day is on the 14th of March 2010. Get in early to get your gift, dont settle for gas station flowers or a cheesy card this year get your old mum something really memorable and useful! Gadgets make great gifts (better than soggy flowers!) and UK Gadget Shops is the place to find what your gifting options!

Below are a few stores with suitable ideas:

Digital Frames Direct – A Great personalisable gift, fill your digital photo frame with images of you!!

Redsave - Check out the huge range of Mothers day gifts, personalised, funny or useful!!

Prezzy Box – There are hundreds of special Mothers Day gifts, £5 off your first order!!

Valentines 2010: Nifty gadget gifts

Valentines 2010 is almost here! February 14th is the big day and you have time to snap up the perfect gift, we have a few suggestions of stores to start your search with!!

Prezzy Box – A romantic twist on old favourites, personalised products that will make you really popular with the recipient!!

Redsave – Space Age technology, gadgets, funky tech stuff and all sorts of toys and household products for Valentines! – Toys, jewelery, gadgets, entertainment and desktop fun!

Valentines 2010 is a time for giving, because you know what happens when you dont!! A few minutes spent could save a month of the cold shoulder, ‘your dinners in the dog’, unwashed undies and making up…

Gadgets, toys and techy fun

UK Gadget Shops has been around for a while now and I thought I would remind you what we do and what we talk about on this blog! Gadgets in all their forms obviously but there is so much more! Toys, remote controled, USB and desktop, gadget insurance, collectables, digital photo frames, household and kitchen, phones and communications, cameras and much more!

Some of the items which we have featured on our site are now mainstream products like digital photo frames, digital cameras, iPods and smart MP3 players, GPS, virtual pets and friends and robots but now there are many more such as Chumby the funky handheld web-browser, Skype handsets for free phone calls and more.

We have discussed them all and we will continue to track down the latest in technology and fun! Boys toys, games, novelties, household stuff like lighting, music players, retro toys and geeky tech stuff!

We have listed the finest stores, products and trends in the sector and hope you will continue to read out blogs and listings in 2010!

Garmin: The latest Sat Nav Products

Garmin are top dogs for GPs/SatNav products!! Whether you want one for your vehicle, sports, personal, aviation and marine plus anything else they are all here. Garmin are specialists and have years of experience in letting you know where you are and where you are going!

The full range of hardware (systems and accessories) and software (maps and applications) is available plus its easy to compare products so you can get the best one. There are so many for all sorts of uses, for work, safety or just your outdoor interests there is something for everyone!

Garmin is a market leading company trusted by millions of sportspeople, workers and drivers around the world. When something goes wrong you want to have the best system around to get you back on track!

Get your Garmin Satnav direct from the source!

New Gadget Stores for 2010

Happy New Year! Well rust never sleeps and neither does technology. Gadgets as the handy, fun, pocket money sized representative of technology and development are our usual indication of where the space race is taking us. Having the latest gadget or boys toy is one of the most addictive ways to keep abreast of whats going on…

UK Gadget Shops has a team of people who scour the web for the best products and stores to add to the site, we add around 2 stores a month who offer the best new gadgets, the lowest prices, offers, sales, vouchers and gadget news you will love. Below are a few newly added stores for 2010:

Action Cameras – Daredevils can prove their feats with these specailist cameras!

VOIP Converse – Free phone calls, free webcam chat, instant messaging and much more! No computer required on some systems!

Deviltronics - Luxury grown ups toys and fun style stuff!

Happy Christmas and New Year

Hope you got the gadgets and gifts you wanted for Chrimbo and hope you enjoyed the day! Time for back to work and thinking about New Year! From everyone at UK Gadget Shops we wish you all the best and look forward to 2010!

We will have even more gadgets, toys and techy stuff in 2010 with new stores, new products, new crazes and anything we think you should like!

We have been in overdrive in 2009 adding new stuff like new merchants, new offers on the front page and loads more for you and will continue this into next year!

Gadget Trends for 2010

Gadgets are one of the fastest moving sectors with new products and trends appearing all the time and a huge following of people who hunt them down wanting to be the first person they know to have one! Keeping up with the Jones’s can be as easy as a few gadgets from the next generation coming up!

Below are a few suggestions for trends going into 2010:

Remote controled – In the air, on the walls or on the ground the next generation are nothing like anything you have seen before! Buy at Deviltronics!

USB and desktop – OK work can be dull but you have no excuse for being bored at work! Buy at Redsave!

Skype and VOIP - Free calls from your computer. Buy at VOIP Converse!

iPod accessories - Make the most of your iPod with speakers, toys, covers and much more! Buy at Advanced MP3 Players!

Get in now before everyone else does!

Christmas Stores for 2010

Remember you still have a few days to buy a gift for xmas 2009/2010! Check individual websites T&Cs for exact details, either that or opt for express delivery to give yourself a little more time. UK Gadget Shops has some great stores with great deals for Christmas gifting so if you are shopping for gifts and struggling then this is the place to try!

Gadgets make great gifts due their variety, randomness and quirky fun. Perfect for buying for someone who has everything, someone who loves little techy things or brightening up and party of gathering. Plus there are always new gadgets and toys to choose from!

Prezzy Box - Get £5 off your order and loads of great ideas!

Redsave - Free membership worth £19.99, giving you extra savings on the gadgets here! – The Christmas store is open now at, free delivery and low prices.

Red5: Gadgets, toys and gifts


Red5 has just been added to the listings at UK Gadget Shops it has loads of stuff, much of which you wont find anywhere else including gadgets, toys, gifts, remote control, novelties, party/drink plus a thousand other cool things you will love!

As with the best gadgets sites there is a real variation in the products on offer from kids stuff to serious gadget stuff, techy things, film and TV tie-ins plus all sorts of household and fun items-the only problem would be wanting to own it all!

Red5 has products from just £1.95, and something for everything including drinking buddies, geeks, kids, ladies and everyone else!

See what you can find at Red5 Christmas Store


The Christmas Store is no open with gifts for all budgets and all the family including kids, partners, brothers/sisters, oldies, cousins, work mates and anyone else. There are cool gifts from just a few pounds and free delivery on all orders with no minimum spend! DVDs, music, books, board games, computer games, gadgets, toys, electrics, mobile phones and loads more!

The selection is huge with just about everything could ever want plus loads of ideas that could be a life saver at this time of year! There are always quite a few gifts to buy, people you buy for twice a year and cant think what to buy for and others who you dont know that much about. Either way some great value gifting ideas will come in handy! is one of the favourite stores for gifts and entertainment in the UK and have really low prices, free delivery and the latest stuff!

See the Christmas Store now!