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Gizzmo Heaven: A Third Off and Free Delivery

Gizzmo Heaven has just been added to the listings on UK Gadget Shops !! Its specialises in kids toys, big boys toys, novelties and fun stuff of all shapes and sizes!! They offer you a third off RRP prices and free delivery on selected ranges!!

Collectables, action figures, computers and techy stuff, digital camera accessories and much more!! Get the latest gadgets before they appear in other stores!! There are loads of items under £15!

Gizzmo Heaven is sure to be really popular with users of UK Gadget Shops!! If you love films like Iron Man or DC Comic characters then this will be for you!!

Save a third on cool toys and gadgets at Gizzmo Heaven

Seriouslywired: Handy and Essential Gadgets

Just added to the listings at UK Gadget Stores is Seriouslywired!!! This is just one of the new stores you can vew them all on the site now!! We try to add a few new ones each week!

Seriouslywired is a gadgets and electrics store that takes a more technical and scientific view on gadgets, everything is very techy and useful. Handy gadgets and accessories for your computer, iPod, digital camera, mobile phones and household! There are a thousand handy gadgety bits that defy description but you will have to have them!!

Seriouslywired are wireless specailists with a huge range of stuff to keep you on the move, Bluetooth, entertainment, chargers and even printing solutions!

Find cool, modern gadgets and at Seriouslywired

SmartSmoker: Healthier and cheaper

SmartSmoker has just been added to the listings at UK Gadget Shops and we think it will be huge with users of the site!! The SmartSmoker system is an electronic cigarette system that gives you a smokeless nicotine hit without the smoke! If you want to give up or just want a convenient, safer way this is it!!

Save around 80% on regular cigarettes.

The SmartSmoker system can be used indoors so running outside for a fag!

No tar, so its healthier!

SmartSmoker has 4 strengths including nocotine free.

SmartSmoker is a brand new listing which could save you loads!!

Firebox: Recommended Store For 2010

Firebox is one of our top stores featured on UK Gadget Stores, its gizmo paradise with the finest selection of products that include the newest boys toys and techie gadgets before other stores get them! Best of all with Firebox you get more information, back ground and user reviews for each product to help you make your mind up!

There is a real range of stuff including desktop toys, novelties, games, party fun, household, retro, music, eco and loads more! Get the latest gadgets before your mates with this essential website!! If you are in need of a gift or want something funky for yourself this should be your first stop, Firebox are legendary in the industry for their attention to detail and vast stock of products!

Firebox has products from just a few pounds and some selected products to help you make your mind up! Gadget freaks or gizmo learner this is the place!

We recommend Firebox as a top gadget store.

Types of gadgets available

There are loads of different types of gadget and gadget type products that are available on UK Gadget Shops and I thought I would blog on what you can find on the site, its more than just boys toys and techie stuff! We have tried to include as broad a spectrum of gear from toys and desktop stuff to household and more:

Kids stuff and desktop toys – Spice up your desk at work, buy boys toys and fun electronic gizmos.

iPod and audio – Make the most of your iPod or MP3 player, plus underwater audio and audio visual gadgets.

Mobile phones and communications – Handsfree, free net phone calls and much more.

Cars and Satnav – Gadgets for your car, car audio and satnav gadgets.

Novelties and party – Be the centre of attention at the party with a cool gadget, trick or gizmo.

Money4MyMobile: Get cash for your old phones

One of the problem about being a gadget fan is keeping up with the latest cool stuff without having a cupboard full of old gadgets that have been superceded, all those old iPods, MP3 player, mobiles and games consoles!!! Money4MyMobile lets you cash in on your old mobile phones, even old and damaged ones!! Get hard cash for your old phones, its quick and easy!!

Money4MyMobile pays all postage charges and you can find out how much you can get before you post your phone. Get up to £200 per phone!! Plus you get to recycle your mobile so you are doing your bit for the environment.

This is a great way to fund your future gadget and mobile phone purchases and rid yourself of all that clutter in your house! You can get the money into your account in just a few days!

Start to earn with Money4MyMobile

Bluw: Gadgets and Toys For under a Tenner

Bluw are a brand new listing to UK Gadget Shops and they offer unique gadgets and novelties that will be perfect as gifts or something for your desktop or household! USB toys, boys toys, games and household stuff that will solve your gift buying problems.

What do you get for the man who has everything? Get something new and inventive and fun! These items are brand new and you wont find them in High Street stores or other gadget stores, therefore they make perfect gifts! They are affordable most being under £10!! Get a few, get them all!

You will love Bluw, some of the products have to be seen to be believed! Naughty and novelty these are fun all the way.

See the gifts and toys you can buy at Bluw

Grab It Now: Unbeatable Value!

Grab It Now has been listed on the site for a while and is one of the most popular listings, it has a simple premise: one product everyday, changing daily only available for one day! The prices are clearance and all the products are brand new and quality!

The products vary from gadgets and toys to kitchen items, household and loads more including clothing and gifts. All item are at prices you wont find anywhere else, plus you get free delivery!!

Dont miss this store, there is something for everyone no matter who you are!! The offer changes every day and once the day is done (or the product sells out) the offer is gone!!

Keep up to date by email about what the deal is today at Grab It Now !!!!

Wowee Rovio: Multimedia Robot

Just added to our listings is the cool Wowee Rovio! Its a useful, multimedia, interactive robot which is controled using your broadband connection with a pop up camera, webcam, motion sensors and 360 degree motion so Rovio never gets trapped. Add more boosters to let it range even further!!

This is set to be one of THE toys of 2010, it has so many applications including scaring your cat, keeping your brother or sister out of your bedroom and seeing what is going on when you are not there. The maneuverability of this robot makes it easy to use and gives it a real life of its own, it has 3 omni-directional wheels which let it turn instantly unlike some toys which get caught or fall over!

UK Gadget Stores has price comparision on the Wowee Rovio, letting you get this hot, new toy for less! We have a full details on the product and the lowest prices! This is just one of the great gadgets we have listings on, check them all out!

This gadget has a million uses, its only contrained by your imagination! Space age stuff from WoWee!!!

Snap up this fun useful gadget for less Wowee Rovio

Prezzies Plus: The Lowest Price Gadgets and Gifts

Prezzies Plus is a brand new listing on UK Gadget Shops!! If you have a stocking filler type gift for someone and want to get some great ideas this is the place to start! There are many hundreds of gifts available for under £10, and suitable for everyone! Gifts, novelties, fun desktop items and loads more!! You wont find gadget type gifts for less!!

Plus everytime you order you get reward points! Low prices, more choice, loyalty points and the biggest range available online!! There are thousands of items a large number of which are under £10 meaning you can get gifts without breaking the bank and more to the point there are loads of ideas for people who are hard to buy for!! Work mates, family and pub chums will all love these great items!!

Prezzies Plus is new to UK Gadget Shops but is sure to be really popular with anyone who uses the site or loves gadgets!!

Track down gadgets and gifts for under £10 at Prezzies Plus!!!