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Genie Gadgets


Genie Gadgets have been added to the listings on UK Gadget Shops! Just in time for Christmas comes a Santa-like present hotspot, they have bloke stuff including stuff for your desk, stuff for a party and best of all stuff for those idle hours in front of the TV.

From electronic gizmos and USB toys to more practical stuff for around the house such as bottle openers and bottle stops, there is even a section for girly stuff such as the T-Qualizer TQ Style pink LED shirt and the USB massager.

Genie Gadgets is a huge site with a little something for everyone, you wont need 3 wishes to get your Christmas gift spot on!!!

Genie Gadgets is another quality addition to the listings at UK Gadget Shops!

Have a look through Genie Gadgets

UK Camera Stores

From the makers of UK Gadget Shops comes another great niche site – UK Camera Stores!

UK Camera Stores has cameras for all budgets and levels of interest/experience from the occasional holiday snapper all the way up to ‘prosumer’ and professional! There are details on all the best shops, price comparisions for recommended cameras and accessories and details on the leading services that allow you to use and share your images.

You can expect the same attention to detail and insider knowledge as with all our sites and just in time for Christmas too. If you are considering buying a camera for you or someone else this year then check out UK Camera Stores!!!

Talking of Christmas there are an other couple of site you may need to know about when buying presents:

UK Department Store – Top Toys for Christmas 2007

UK Robot Shops – Robots are set to be THE hot toys of Christmas 2007!

UK Camera Stores has tips, tutorials and a digital imaging guide as well so have it may be useful this festive season!

Console for Christmas

If you are looking to buy a games console for Christmas 2007 then get in quick as the big three are selling out fast! Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 are set to be much in demand this year and you should buy now to avoid disappointment!

Christmas is a time of running round shoppings in desperation rather than optimism searching for the toy or game to keep junior happy and we have all been there.

John Lewis and have games consoles for sale!!

In other news, France seems to be the bets place to get hold of another desirable gadget for the end of 2007 the Apple iPhone. France are selling ‘unlocked’ iPhones which can be used on any network, all you do is put your sim and away you go! Apple have been criticized in some quarters for having an exclusive deal with O2 in the UK. Metro story

Gadgets replace PCs

Gadgets replace PCs? PCs have been the most used gadget of the last 10 years , so much so that you would not even call your home PC a gadget. With the rise of the internet powered by increasingly fast broadband access you can do almost anything via your PC play games, date, chat, shop, work, show your holiday snaps, give your opinion, give/get advice, pay your bills and a million other things.

However with new handheld technology via your MP3 player and phone you can do all these things on the move with the same reliability and speed. Japan has seen a fall in PC sales since the rise of these gadgets and the Japanese know a thing or two about technology!

With small devices that can do everything you want without taking up space in your home this is only going one way. Also, if you can connect your MP3 player to your stereo speakers and TV screen at home there may not be a need for a stereo at all. The final stage will be a tiny hand held device that functions as a PC, phone, music player, DVD player, games console, virtual pet and remote control fo your house.

Will gadgets replace PCs completely? The trend for smaller and more powerful hand held devices will be sure to make this happen eventually. The Apple iPhone is released in the UK very soon and will be another stpe forward

4 New Stores

A huge 4 new stores have been added to the listings at UK Gagdet shops!! We have been busy finding new stores that add something to what is already there, and giving our users a little more choice.

Gadget Shop – Relaunched with a new logo but still loads of fun stuff

Shiny Shack – A comprehensive round up of toys, gadgets and helpful stuff.

The Toy Shop – more than just a toy shop!

Udiggit - Products include digital photo frames (various sizes) and iPod speakers.

Its not often we add 4 new stores at once….there are more gadget and toys stores than ever before.

Overcharging Gadgets

Research from Uswitch has revealed that we waste £1.9 Billion each year on overcharging gadgets! We dont read instruction manuals and leave MP3 players, phones and games consoles charging overnight and this adds to the energy shortage we are experiencing.

Overcharging gadgets also ruins batteries, shortening the lifetime of re-chargeable batteries and occasionally being a fire hazard…

Many gadget users also admit to ‘comfort charging’ which is when we knowingly overcharge an item just so it is fully charged when we need it.

So to prevent you overcharging gadgets and electrical items we recommend you check the instruction manual, keep an eye on the item and dont leave it charging overnight unless you are sure that the item requires that long.

If you have had to pay for a replacement charger you will realise the cost of overcharging gadgets!!


Every year the ‘DigitalLife’ trade show allows gadget fans in the US to see what items will be available in the next few months. Communications are of course at the center of whats going on at DigitalLife, with new technology making international calls cheaper than ever!

The MagicJack comes with its own phone number and gives you cheap phone calls via your PC. Just email someone your MagicJack number across the other side of the globe an hey presto cheap calls!!! There is also Wi-Fi enabled messaging device called the Zipit 2. With unlimited texts, free calls and great parental controls this is sure to cut your phone bill!

The Looj is a robotic gutter cleaner that makes cleaning out the gutters simple and fun. Just put the device ion a watch it go!

See more about what went on at DigitalLife at the BBC site.

Featured Store: Redsave


This week are are featuring one of our top stores: Redsave.

They have a huge selection of fun gadgets, household gadgets, USB fun gadgets and electronics. Including Electric Scooter £39.99 and USB Shaver £24.99.

What is different about Redsave? Join the Redsave Club on a monthly subscription and you will be able to buy gadgets at the lowest prices around, get up to 50% gadgets with your membership!

They are even offering new customers a month free to see what they are all about…

They have detailed descrptions of each item and price comparisions of other stores.

Redsave are serious about gadgets and are the best place to start your hunt either for a gift or for yourself!!

Check out the great bargains and stuff at Redsave!!!!

Get 10% off all orders at BoysStuff!!!

Get 10% off all orders during Ocotber 2007 using the voucher code ’91BSPGD’

This is sure to be a really popular offer so why not have a look through BoysStuff?

BoysStuff is packed with great stuff such as

USB Pole dancer – Sexy desktop fun

Tattoo Sleeves – No surgery required

You are sure to find something you will love and its even better with 10% off all orders at BoysStuff!

This is only for this month so get in for your 10% off all orders at BoysStuff while you can!

and close that line off with a


The iPhone will go on general sale in the UK for £269 (plus 18x£35 per month contract with O2) later this year. This little beauty has been available in limited numbers on mail order but will be freely available.

The Apple iPhone has sold over 1 million units in the US alone.

iPhone offers everything you get from your iPod plus broadband internet access and a camera phone.

This is sure to be THE gadget for Christmas this year!!