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New to the listings on UK Gadget Shops are Enjoy or The Department Of Enjoyment to give them their full title.

Just in time for Valentines Day on the 14th we have Enjoy, and their huge selection of stuff from sexy stuff, personalised prezzys, great gadgets, cracking costumes and perfect pampering products.

Enjoy have loads more stuff from boys toys and household gizmos to general toys and games.

Get your Valentines Day prezzy at Enjoy.

Memory Bits


We have added another store to the listings in: Memory Bits.

Memory Bits are about more than memory cards though they have mobile phone accessories, wireless devices, digital camera accessories, batteries, blank media, novelties and iPod accessories.

Memory Bits has loads of stuff and is a little bit different to the other sites features on UK Gadget Shops as it has more technical stuff with only a limited selection of novelties and fun stuff. However, Memory Bits could be ideal should you want to add more memory to your camera, laptop or phone.

Track down a few gadget techy bargains at Memory Bits.

Featured Store: Hawkins Bazaar


Every once in a while we will do a feature on a store that is doing well and this week we have: Hawkins Bazaar.

Hawkins Bazaar has been on UK Gadget Shops since mid 2006 and features stuff that is slightly different to the other sites listed…including Electric Shock Tanks, Voice Changer Loudhaler and the Naughty Double Duvet Cover.

There are products for gadgets, lads, kids, robots, couple, work, creative, parties, jokes, food/drink, mad science and more.

Hawkins Bazaar as great gifts for ages 3 up to adult ages, with toys and more functional stuff on sale. Who could be without a Jordan ironing Board or a Picoo Z Rc Helicopter or even a Evel Knievel Dare Devil Set!!!

Hawkins Bazaar has a 50% off sale on now so there has never bene a better time to check them out!

Visit Hawkins Bazaar and see what all the fuss is about!

12inch Pictorea Pro Digital Photo Frame


Whether you want to bring your home, up to date, or you want something to brighten up your desk at work or you want THE luxury gadgetty gift for 2008 you will want to see the 12inch Pictorea Pro Digital Photo Frame! It plays MP3s, MP4 movies, and a slideshow of your movies. You can also play music to accompany the images!

12inch Pictorea Pro Digital Photo Frame is a full sized digital photo frame with loads of other features for displaying your stuff such as remote control and various transition effects.

Impress visitors to your home and even your self with this 21st century update on the old fashioned picture frame!

Get your own 12inch Pictorea Pro Digital Photo Frame from specialists Udiggit today! There is even free delivery!!!

Gadgets for Christmas

Happy New Year to all gadget fans and readers of this blog!!! Well it’s back to work after a much needed couple of weeks off and time to get all the gadget type things we have got as presents working! While the hot gadgets for Christmas were Nintendo Wii, iPhone and USB toys however your nearest and dearest may have been a bit more inventive this year and got you something a bit more exotic and challenging such as a robot, a portable media player or one of the new breed of high quality digital photo frames.

Spending half of Christmas day reading instructions and assembling gadgets can become a chore so its better to leave it to when you are sober!

Personally I was lucky enough to get a multi media player with music, video, sound recording, pictures etc. Gone are the days when you just had to put a battery in and load you songs! It took ages to charge and figure out how to load media but was worth it to get the full package for those long train journeys home!

All parents will have heard ‘Its not working, It’s broken!’ over the festive season and if you are a parent you will have spent hours trying to get the kids gadgets working to keep them happy! Evey year toys and gadgets get more complicated to get working, I think manufacturers should have a look at the amount of time they expect buyers to spend loading drive discs, assembling, configuring etc.

Still it’s worth it in the end!

Science Museum Store


We have added another store to the listings at UK Gadget Shops in Science Museum Store.

Science Museum Store have toys, gadgets and activities which have a scientific edge, but dont let hat put you off!! There are hundreds of fun games and learning toys for kids of all ages from school-age to grown up!

Science Museum Store let you get something fun but at the same time use your brain! Some example products are: 2 Way Multi Channel Walkie Talkie Set £49, Geosafari Talking Microscope £24.99, Techno Balls, 920 Piece £49.99.

Sample the delights at Science Museum Store now!

Prezzy Box, £5 money-off voucher.

Prezzy Box are offering every new customer a free £5 gift voucher just for joining up with them!! They have hundreds of unique and cool gadget type gifts perfect for stocking fillers or treating yourself!!!

The legendary PrezzyBox ‘Gift Buyers Wizard’ tool takes all the effort out of buying presents, just enter a few details and they will pick something suitable from their huge selection!!

This is not a limited offer, Prezzy Box are sure once you try their service you will not need to go anywhere else!!!

Get your discount from Prezzy Box!!!

Simroid the robot patient

If you have a fear of the going to the dentist then the Japanese have the perfect cure for pre appointment nerves. The Simroid trains dentists to be improve their skills before they try on the real thing.

Simroid is a female who can talk and move her arms and head when you hit a nerve and she reacts to all types of stimuli that she will teach the dentists about how a patient feels before they make any painful errors.

The robot is extremely lifelike and even has sensors that tell whether she has been touched inappropriately and reacts to aid in training.

There are entensions throughout medical surgery and veterinary science amongst others.

Get the full story at the Metro site.

Pleo Robot Dinosaur


If you have not seen the Pleo Robot Dinosaur then you are missing out on the most technological toy for Christmas 2007. There are only 350 of these little beauties in the UK however you can you can pre-order now from Dixons, and Find Me A Gift. The Pleo Robot Dinosaur goes on general sale on the 15th of December 2007 but they are sure to sell out well before then so pre-order now to avoid dissapointment!!!!!

The Pleo Robot Dinosaur is a virtual prehistoric pet than can move on his own, learn and interact with you. He has a range of emotions and can show you how he feels inside and out! He is a baby Camarasaurus and he reacts to stimulous such as sounds, sights and touch by walking, talking and changing it’s facial expression! The Pleo changes it’s personality depending on the interaction and love you give it so pay attention! Pleo can even get ill so watch out!

The Pleo Robot Dinosaur Camarasaurus is sure to be a sell out and THE sought after toy for this year so get in while you can pre order these robotic friends. This toy works on so many levels as an adorable toy , a virtual pet, a piece of technological genius and as a the next wave of interactive toys!

Get your very own Pleo Robot Dinosaur from Dixons this Christmas

Alternatively you could get yours at or Find Me A Gift!

The Pleo Robot Dinosaur is tipped to be one of the hot toys for this Christmas due to the state of the art technology involved and the limited numbers available in the UK

You can see more robot toys such as Robosapien, Transformers, Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet, Daleks and Homersapien at our sister site UK Robot Shops.

Apple iPhone

Get your hands on the most desired gadget of late 2007 at The Carphone Warehouse-the Apple iPhone!!

Apple have an exclusive deal with The Carphone Warehouse so you won’t be able to get it anywhere else. You can get this little gem for £269.

The Apple iPhone combines the music player/storage device/video player functions of your iPod with a top of the line mobile and the most powerful on-the-go internet browser (Safari) ever made, all in one bundle with touch screen!

Get your Apple iPhone before they sell out from The Carphone Warehouse