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Featured Store: Gizoo

Gizoo are the latest in our series of Featured Stores, they have just been added to our listings and if you love gadgets and toys you will need to know about Gizoo!!!

Gizoo take a more technological take on gadgets with useful products for around the house, traveling, fitness, eco green, audio visual and basic fun toys and gadgets. If you love gizmos and helpers for doing jobs around the house, at work and anywhere else. Kitchen gadgets, DIY gadgets, home office, energy saving gadgets, solar powered gadgets and travel gadgets are all at Gizoo.

Gizoo are offering free postage for orders over £30.

Have a quick look at what Gizoo are all about now!

Gadget Failure

We have all been there on Christmas day fiddling endlessly trying to get that new gadget working and finally after another few drinks putting it to one side…

Researchers have claimed this week that £23bn worth of gadgets are gathering dust rather than being the life saver we thought they would be. This number does not include when we cant figure out how to use a gadget and get a fraction of the use we could from it! I think everyone would have at least one item which would dont get the most from ie multimedia players where you can only play music and cant get the radio, video, sound recorders etc to work, flash phones with loads of functions you never figured out to use, dodgy Satnav and the worst offenders of course are PCs/laptops which are only use for a few mins a week to check emails or do a little bit of shopping.

In fact, millions of people are switching off their Satnavs and driving ‘old school’ due to their Satnav taking them to somewhere irrelevant! Dodgy gadgets can infuriate the best of us and misleading gobbledgook instructions rarely help to remedy the matter.

So a couple of recommendations would be to avoid over cluttered gadgets with ‘kitchen sink’ features when we are not going to use them, spend more time in a shop trying out gadgets and dont be scared to ask shop staff how to get gadgets working and finally there will be online support for many premium gadgets which may make more sense that instructions printed with your gadget.

With more and more people investing in increasingly complicated and expensive gadgetry this propblem will only increase!

Keeping Your Gadgets Safe

These days keeping your gadgets safe is becoming more and more difficult what with criminals being gadget savy, tighter restrictions at airports and new combination gadgets (think iTouch or iPhone media player/phone/etc).

UK Gadget Shops has a few tips to Keeping Your Gadgets Safe:

- Dont check in expensive gadgets with your airport baggage as officials have power to check bags and have been known to relieve bags of goodies such as expensive phones and iPods.

- Dont ‘flash’ your top of the line phone or iPod in a bar or train station or bus terminal, there may be people watching.

- Write down serial numbers of devices for insurance purposes.

- Dont leave desirable items in full view when you leave them in the car, use the glove box or under a seat.

Millions of pounds worth of gadgets are left on public transport so be careful you take all you stuff when you reach your destination!!

iDiamond iPod


The most extravagant media player accessory around has to be the iDiamond iPod, perfect for Paris Hiltons or Britneys Spears it has 18 carat gold and encrusted with 430 diamonds sold for over £20,000!!

Dont excited as there was only ever one iDiamond iPod, made by Norwegian master jeweller Thomas Heyerdahl who auctioned it off to celeb/super rich clients at a charity ball.

iDiamond iPod is based on the iPod Shuffle and unfortunately there is no plan to develop it for retail sale.

Gadget Virus

Did you know that you could be infecting your PC with viruses just be connecting your brand new gadgets to your PC? Possible threats include digital photo frames and even Apple iPods, in fact anything with enough power and memory to store data. Viruses include threats to your finances and personal privacy and have been traced back to testing facilities in Chinese factories, possibly even at the production point.

Due to the mass production of these items Gadget Virus could be more widespread and more deeply lying than first thought.

When you get a virus the first suspicion will be on sites you have visited and attachments you opened but it is well to consider what devices contain and treat them as separate entities.

Gadget Virus is just one of the ways that unscrupulous programmers have to try to get your money and personal details, there is no substitute for regular software updates and scans with a heightened level of vigilance as to what you expose you system to.

PicooZ Micro Helicopter


PicooZ Micro Helicopter is one of the most popular toys in the world today with millions sold across the world!! This tiny remote controlled hellicopter can fly for 5 to 10 mins without stopping. Measuring only 17cm long and 10 grams in weight this is like something from a sci-fi film! Infra red beams let you control where it flys and you get to guide it from up to 10m away.

The PicooZ Micro Helicopter is the hot toys of the moment and has been recommended by The Toys Retailers Association (and millions of happy customers) for its durability and ease of use.

This little beauty ususally retails for over £39.99 but Prezzy Box have it for less than half that £19.99! Plus all new customers get £5 free to spend on their first order!!!

Get your very own PicooZ Micro Helicopter from Prezzy Box for only £19.99!!!

Gadgeter, get a free Inflatable Radio Pillow.


Gadgeter has great gadgets and toys from under £5 plus free postage on all orders over £30. Spend £50 and get a free Inflatable Radio Pillow, spend £100 and get a USB Mouse Mat!!!

Gadgeter has a 30 day money back pilocy and all products have a 1 year fault cover as standard!

Gadgeter is the place for computer gadgets, house hold gadgets, radio controled gadgets, executive toys, clocks and tools.

Get great gadgets and electronics at Gadgeter.

Expert Verdict


Expert Verdict are a new gadget type site which have just been added to UK Gadget Shops!! Thye sell functional gadgets and gizmos which life a bit easier and more pleasurable. From travel gadgets that take all the effort and pain out of a long journey to household gadgets for getting those awkward jobs done such as Lightbulb Changer, cleaning solutions, storage and many more brilliant gizmos to help arround the house!!

Expert Verdict is unique on the listings at UK Gadget Shops in that there are no toys or novelties just technological aids to modern living and handy household helpers.

Expert Verdict are sure to be popular with householder, travelers, gadget freaks and general technology fans.

Get innovations and great household gadgets from Expert Verdict!!!!



We have added another store to the listings at UK Gagdet Shops in Menkind. They are a little bit different from our other listings in that they are a general gifts site for men with shaving products, skincare, sports, accessories plus the usual gadgets, electrics, remote control and desktop amusements.

If you are looking for a great gifting alternative for a male you know then get to Menkind!!!!!

Menkind have gift ideas from across the spectrum from sophisticated to techy and funloving.

Get your great guy gifts at Menkind

Everything Play and Sony Style

We have added another couple of shops to the listings at UK Gadget Shops: Everything Play and Sony Style.

Everything Play – virtual games, personal media players, novelties, toys, general electrics and much more.

Sony Style – Sony brand entertainment products such as media players, laptops, memory and storage.

This brings the total number of stores featured to 49 including: Firebox, Prezzy Box,, John Lewis and Redsave.

Everything Play and Sony Style are now listing on UK Gadget Shops.