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Sky Digital: Free Sky+ box


Sky Digital are the leading entertainment company in the UK and they are at the forefront of technology with HD, superfast broadband and a host of innovations. Now you can get a free Sky+ box when you sign up for their TV deals. Not just that you can get free broadband and free evening and weekends calls!

if you have not sampled Sky+ then you are missing a trick, it revolutionizes that way you watch TV in terms of never missing a show and watching things whenever you want. Not just that you can pause shows, store them to watch them whenever and generally have a god like control over your viewing schedule! Now you can get all this for free! Imagine pausing the big game when your inlaws come round or watching the second part of the big movie the next day, anything is possible!!!

As mentioned you also get free broadband, free calls and £25 of free Tesco vouchers!

Sky Digital offer you the chance to get Sky movies and Sky Sports, since Setanta went bust the Sports package has even more Premiership football and goodies to offer!

From just £16 per month you can get a basic package and add more stuff untill you have the perfect all round entertainment package which cannot be rivaled by any company in the UK, not even by any group of companies.

Get a free Sky+ box when you sign up with Sky Digital

Fathers Day 2009

You still have plenty of time to get something for Fathers Day, the big day is on 21st June. There are loads of gift ideas on UK Gadget Shops and below are a few ideas of what to buy:

Slanket - Suited to arge animals who love immobility and warmth.

Fathers Day Personalised Crystal Whisky Tumbler - Personalised and only to be used by one person.

Fathers Day Record Album Frame – From the time that CDs forgot, something called a ‘long playing record’ whatever that is.

Over The Hill Wrinkle Treatment - Better send this one in the post, in case of sense of humour failure.

USB Cup Warmer – A nice cup of tea anyone?

Car Wash Glove – You will never need to volunteer to wash his Honda Accord ever again!

Own a Football Share – He always told you he would own a football club one day, now he can! Gives him full rights to attend AGM and give them a piece of his mind….

MP4 Watch -Like James Bond, a very slow and grey version.

Meteo Clock Weather Station – Dad can never moan about the weather again since he now controls it via this neat Weather Station!

Play: Free delivery and great deals

play are a great store and if you have not sampled the great gadgets and electrics type stuff there you will want to soon. The choice is huge from toys and fun gizmos to boys toys and techie stuff, and everything has free delivery with no minimum spend!

Just now they featuring a whole host of stuff from the new Transformers movie, this is THE hot film for summer 2009 and you will be lucky to be able to see it in the cinema in the next few weeks as it will be sold out! Toys, action figures, novelties and memorabilia are all here. features all the cult sci-fi movies plus they have all sorts of electrics stuff such as media players, cameras, desktop/USB goodies and toys. are probably best known for their entertainment selection ie DVDs, CDs, books, Blue Ray, games and electronic games and accessories. The choice is unrivalled with literally millions of titles in stock at prices that are seriously lower than you will find in any high street store, new titles and a giant back catalogue of classics and cult classics! Combine the low prices with the vast choice add into the mix free postage on everything and loads of stuff you wont find anywhere else and you have

Get gadgets, entertainment and millions of other products from

Prezzy Box: get a £5 discount


Prezzy Box were one of the first stores listed on UK Gadget Shops and for good reason! It is one of the foremost stores with a huge range of gadgets, gifts and novelties. If you are buying a gift for someone or you are addicted to gadgets and fun desktop toys then you should be familiar with this website!

Sign up for the free Prezzy Box newsletter and they will give a voucher code for £5 off your next order!

The ‘gifts wizard’ facility lets you get the right gift for anyone in just a few seconds! Simply enter the age and few questions about the recipients taste and Prezzy Box will give you a list of suitable gifts. Sometimes you really struggle to get a gift for some one seems to have everything! This neat facility takes all the work out of choose gifts!

Prezzy Box have a vast stock of products including gadgets, novelties, personalised gifts, household products, experience days, garden products and all sorts of oddball oddities that will make you smile!

Claim your £5 discount from Prezzy Box

Ministry of Deals: Free Software


Ministry of Deals is a new listing for UK Gadget Shops and will certainly be hugely popular with users of this site! They have four incredible deals every day, thats four great products at a crazy low price each day! While other sites would have the same old products day after day or have a single offer, Ministry of Deals sources a variety of clearance products each day.

Products range from gadgets and electrics to toys and games and a million other things so something for everybody! The selected items change everyday so dont miss out on these really low prices!

Ministry of Deals are introducing themselves to the world with a rather splendid giveaway!! Visit their site now and they will send you a free lucky dip from their software pile! Thats right 100% free and no postage to pay either. Postage is usually £2 but its free for this offer!

Titles range from games to security and utilities so you never know what you could get! This is a great way to introduce yourself to Ministry of Deals!

This a 100% genuine giveaway, no purchase or other charges to pay for just free software!

Claim your free software from Ministry of Deals

You know you are a gadget freak when

UK Gadget Shops is a website for gadget freaks, but there are a few woring signs from a few of you…the first signs of being a addicted to gadgets and technology are as follows:

Falling asleep with gadgets in your bed, especially when it happens on a regular basis and there are more thna one!

Buying new gadgets just because they are an upgrade to what you have even though you dont need them.

Having more than one gadget in your hands at one time.

Seeing a gadget your mates have got and running out and buying one to outdo them.

Watching films and TV and paying kore attention to the gadgetry than the plot.

Wanting to have a gadget for every task in your life and every moment you are awake!

Using a gadget even though it does not save you any time or effort.

Doubling all your electricity bill by charging all your gadgets up.

Buying your gadgets overseas so you can get items that are uanavailable here.

Kids in the US have been put on gadget rationing to try and boost their attention spans and people skills, you have been warned!

Skype: Free phone calls on your computer


Skype is an excellent way to lower your household bills, keep in touch and make the most of your PC or laptop. Basically Skype lets you use your computer to make calls to someone else with the same software and headset, the calls are free plus there are loads of add ons you can take advantage of such as free webcam chat, free instant chat service and loads of software add ons!

All this is free, however you have to buy a Skype handset to use the system. You wont be asked for a penny, there are loads of updates and neat fun Skype fun as well!

In fact you can even get low cost calls to regular landline phones, but this is a subscription service.

Think about how much your phone bills sets you back and the fact that all your family and friends have computers these days-why not save hundreds by the modern way to chat, talk and video chat!

Calls are crystal clear and you dont need any additional software of hardware to operate it apart from a modern machine and a Skype headset! The system works while other software and hardware runs so you dont compromise. You can juggle your contacts, conversations and lifestyle better than ever with this great free system! Talk for as long as you want!

Get free phone calls from your computer with Skype!

New Listings: May 2009

There are quite a few new listings on UK Gadget Shops we are constantly add new listings, updating current listings and adding new items to the front page. The front page of UK Gadget Shops has a list of the best deals and offers we have found from featured gadget stores including free delivery, competitions, free gifts and general offers. Check them out!

Below are the new listings on UK Gadget Shops:

CAAGIS - Car related gadgets and toys perfect for any petrol head!

Safield - Gadgets and electrics plus novelties and random stuff!

Halfords - Car related gadgets, Satnav and car audio.

Speedo Aquabeat – An underwater MP3 player with huge capacity and sealed for underwater tunes!

TRAAKIT - A unique GPS driven tracking system for vehicles, sporting goods and anything you want, 100% peace of mind!

Halfords: Car Audio, satnav and gadgets


Halfords will be well known to everyone in the UK with either a car or a bike, they are the leading store for outdoors and automotive parts, accessories and equipment! But did you know they also stocked loads of gadgets? Thats right car audio, satnav/GPS, personal audio such as iPods, speaker, games, toys, garden toys, camera detentors, parking sensors and much more!

The range is the most comprehensive you will find anywhere and Halfords have the buying power to lower prices right down! If you own a car, bike, home, garden or none of these then you will find loads of gadgets and electrics at Halfords, better prices online!

If you have to have that killer speaker system for you motor or you fancy some outdoor fun this summer then Halfords are the leading store in the UK bar none! The big brands are here with a vast range to choose from!

Check out Halfords range of great gadgets and electrics products!

Firebox: gadget deals and info


Firebox are the UK’s foremost gadgets store and have been listed on UK Gadget Shops since the very start. They are very respected by gadget freaks as having a better range, better pricing and some neat features that are unique to Firebox!

Deal of the day – One day and its gone, a product at a crazy low price!!

Video info on each product – Get a demonstration for each product plus more detail and product details that you get on any other gadget site in the UK!

Top 20 products – Find out whats hot and what is not!

Customer competition – Submit your video of you using your purchase and win vouchers to the tune of £50! One winner per month!!

Huge choice – Gadgets, toys, USB, novelties, silly jokes, adult based fun, TV/film stuff and crazy household products!

If you have not checked out Firebox before then you have been missing a trick, they come heartily reccommended by the UK Gadget Shops team!