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Ministry OF Deals: 3 New offers


This is just a quick blog to remind everyone that Ministry Of Deals changes their offers every day so if you delay you will miss out on these great deals forever!! Offers are never repeated and prices are clearance level meaning they sell out fast!!! The actual products vary from gadgets, computer accessories, household, beauty, games, kids and a million other random shots.

There are 4 separate deals each day which change each day (or until they sell out) prices are usually just a few pounds so its pocketmoney prices for big brand electrics. USB gadgets, iPod speakers, beauty electricals are a just a few of the types of gadgets.

Ministry Of Deals is even offering you free delivery this week, saving you an extra £2!!!

See what the deals are for this week at Ministry Of Deals!!



Insurance2Go are a new gadget insurance specialists that have just been listed on UK Gadget Shops! You get at least one months free!! One free month for Satnav and media player and 3 months free for all mobile phones!

There are free member only exclusive competitions and a free £5 Advanced MP3 Players store voucher with every sale!!! All gadgets have no contract so you are not tied into a long contract!!! Cancel whenever you wish!!

Since Insurance2Go are specialists they can give you the exact cover you need for the exact model you need!! Also they promise to save you up to £123 on mobile insurance on other providers!!

All cover is immediate so you dont need to worry!!

Claim your free gadget insurance from Insurance2Go!! Plus low prices, vouchers and competitions!!

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UK Gadget Shops: Products

Just a quick reminder that the Products Pages are still live and going strong! We have simply picked out our favorite gadgets and done a little bit of price comparison giving you the choice of the best prices!! Products range from personal media players to GPS, toys and gaming stuff!!

Below are a few selected listings that will save you money:

Pocketsurfer - The worlds smallest laptop and free broadband for a whole year!!

Skype - Free phone calls from your PC!!

Apple iTouch - The lowest prices on this much sought after gadget!!

Griffin Evolve iPod Speakers - Turn your iPod into a stereo!!

Recommended Deals

There are loads of stores now listed on UK Gadget Shops, but its always good to pick out some we can hartily recommend to users of the site and readers of this blog! Below are just a few of the finest selections as of 2009, there are over 50 stores listed so something for everyone!!

Gadget Cover – Two free months gadget insurance!!

Grab It Now -Clearance prices on quality gadgets and electrics!! - Low prices, sale now on plus free delivery on everything!!

Redsave - Get exclusive savers club deals, free for one month. Worth £19.99!

Ministry Of Deals - Free gifts with no extra postage charges!!!

Firebox: facelift and new deals!


Firebox has had a great new facelift with a cool new look! It looks new and shiney but all the good stuff is still here like the latest gadgets, low prices, product reviews, products vids, hand picked hot products and loads of neat features that make this THE gadget store in the UK!!

This has long been the destination for serious gadget fans and anyone buying presents for someone (anyone) there are gift ideas for all budgets and all types of people from party animals, tech freaks, gamers, geeks, kids and chicks!! Let Firebox do most of the work in picking something out, there are loads to choose from many items you wont find anywhere else (yet!!).

As you can see Firebox has had a fancy new facelift with more funky stuff and a cool new colour scheme!

Have a look at the new Firebox look and the new gadgets and toys available!!

UK Camera Stores: Camera deals and offers


UK Camera Stores is our partner website and has the same level of details that UK Gadget Shops has for gadgets but on cameras and accessories!! Cameras are available from a few pounds for your first ‘point and click’ model to thousands for ‘prosumer’ and professional models and we have price comparison on each one plus we review all the leading stores including: Pixmania, Maplin, and dozens of others!

Standard film cameras, digital cameras, bags/cases, tripods, lenses, development and photo gifts are all featured! All budgets and all levels of experience and camera knowledge are catered for so you dont need to be an expert to get snapping!!

UK Camera Stores has a unique camera buying guide, tips and tricks and useful tutorials on how to resolve those annoying problems like ‘red eye’, cut off heads and over/under exposure!

Remember with ther right camera you can cover up your lack of knowledge with modern models, gadgets and a little advice!

Check out our great sister website UK Camera Stores for deals offers and tutorials!!!

Curiosite: New and innovative gadgets


Curiosite is a new gadget store with loads of new gadgets, toys, gizmos that you will love!!! They have just been added to the listings at UK Gadget Shops, there are have also been several others added so dont miss out! We do out best to add as many new listings, offers and gadget related items as we can!!

If you are bored of seeing the same old gadgets and toys then this will be ideal for you, eco gadgets, desktop stuff, music/iPod related, household, geek and many more categories!!

Curiosite have some really unique gadgets and toys such as: Mint Hard, An External HDD Shaped Like A Popsicle, Dynamo Solar Radio and Wireless Floating Speaker “Aqua Soundz”!!

You wont want to miss out on these gadgets!!! Novelties, fun, boys, toys, techie, music and general cool gizmos!!

Have a look through Curiosite for the latest gadgets and neat stuff!!

New stores added: June 2009

Working on UK Gadget Shops is fun most of the time, finding and trying out new gadgets shops is not like a proper job (??) what with the fun stuff and the endless number of cool things to be tested! Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes from toys to techie stuff such as desktop/USB stuff and other random gizmos. You can always include stuff that is not quite classed as gadgets any more such as media players, mobiles, DVD players etc.

We have added another few great stores with something a little different:

Proporta - Designer carry cases and covers for your gadgets including laptops, mobiles, iPods and more!

Totally Funky – Fun gadgets, novelties and toys suitable for gifts or your home! - Gadgets and fun stuff you wont find anywhere else!!!

There are over 75 stores and over 25 products with price comparison on UK Gadget Shops so infinite variation and choice!

New Store: Totally Funky


Totally Funky are a brand new listing to UK Gadget Shops, they are a gifting website with loads of unusual gifts, gadgets and household gizmos that you will love! Eye catching design, multi tasking genius, collectables and silly party stuff are all her in force!

Buying the right gift is more of an art that some might think, weighing up the recipient, budget, occasion and a million other things can be harder and harder as years pass, Totally Funky makes this task just a little bit easier. For one thing all the stuff here is new and fresh so you dont need to worry about repeating yourself, there is a huge spectrum of options for all interests and ages from lads to gran dads, plus ladies, kids and familes.

Totally Funky has just about the greatest gadget I have seen for a while R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock, that projects the time on the wall when you press the button, £24.99. Genius!!

The range of new arrivals is well worth a mention, Totally Funky even have 10 recommended products!!

Buying a gift? Try the range of products at Totally Funky !!!