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Happy Christmas For 2011

Happy Christmas everyone! Hope Christmas was good to you? The UK Gadget Shops team is planning next years developments for the site with more offers, vouchers, stores reviewed and price comparisons! There is more on the site than ever before and we have more of you guys using it!

So 2011 is almost over. Except for Steve Jobs, the new iPad 2, the iPhone 4S, Nintendo DSi 3D the spate of copycat tablets and the smartphone revolution its been pretty much uneventful, maybe gadgets are just too near to day to day essentials now and way out there wacky gadgets like the C5 and Psion Organiser are things of the past. Faster, smaller, better is the way of the world! The word app entered the general usage along with smartphone, tablet laptop and many more!

So all the best for whats left of the festive period and see you again in 2012!

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