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Robosapien RS Media


Introducing the ultimate gadget Robosapien RS Media!!!

If you have seen the original Robosapien then you know what we are talking about. Robosapien RS Media is an artificially intelligent robot that can walk and communicate with flashing eyes and pre-programmed sounds and speach. This is much more than a toy….imagine R2-D2 from Star Wars but more mobile and you have Robosapien RS Media!!!

Character Options have added a whole host of new functions such as a screen to watch Mpeg4 videos and built in speakers to listen to MP3 sound files, plus he can record your speech and even video record you so there is no end to his talents!!!

There is no end to the things Robosapien RS Media can do with extra USB ports and extra memory slots, the limit is just your imagination.

Robosapien RS Media for under £200 at Hamleys!!!!

UK Robot Shops


Users of UK Gadgets Shops will love our new sister site UK Robot Shops!!! It has 30 of the most popular toy robots, construction kits, Transformers and anything else that is related to robots.

There is loads of fun on the site with movie trivia, the history of robots, robots in development and past robots both for kids (of all ages) and techies. Products include Pleo (the soft skinned baby dinosaur), Robosapien (the hit toy of the moment) and Transformers of course.

It was great fun to set up this site and robots are tipped to be huge this year, there will be quizes and plenty of movie based fun so everyone is really excited about the launch of UK Robot Shops!!!

Find out about what toys are available, the best place to buy them and who they will be suitable for, where to pre-order the next wave of robo-toys and find out about all your favourite robots from the movies!!

UK Robot Shops

Robot Nurses


Full size robo-nurses could be introduced into EU countries with the next 10 years if tests in Japan (where else) are a success. They can carry things, give timely reminders and distribute medicines and even take temperatures!!!

Robo Nurses will also be able to tackle some of the tasks that staff hate such as cleaning up spills and locating patients !!

Sensors and voice/face recognition will ensure that they never get in the way or knock things over!!

Coming to a ward near you!!!

New Stores Added

This is a short blog to let users of UK Gadget Shops know that we have addded several new stores to our listings. We check and update our listings weekly to keep them as accurate as they can be.

Consoles And Gadgets – Gaming consoles and games alongside neat gadgets and USB stuff.

Dont Do Socks – Getting well away from boring, reliable gifts forever!

Purely Gadgets – From digital cameras to the latest MP3 players with some gizmos thrown in!

Pitchwell – Household gadgets and labour savers.

UFO Craft Now In Production!

If you hear someone claim to have see a UFO, just say ‘Yes its an M200G Volantor’!!

A Canadian inventor Dr Moller has created a hovering car sized UFO shaped craft which moves UFO style at 50mph. These weird looking ships could be put on the market for as little as £44,000!!!

The Volantor can float 10 feet off the ground and powered by ground pointing turbines.

Orders are now being taken, however only from billionaire moguls and world leaders.

Personal virtual doctors soon on the NHS

In true 21st century fashion the NHS are planning to introduce virtual doctors who will let elderly or vulnerable patients have a personal virtual doctor who reminds them when you have to take pills and other small tasks.

These little beauties will be similar to Tamagotchi or Robo pets and will function along the same lines

The so called ‘Pill Pets’ are being developed at Boston University and are interesting authorities across the UK as a cheap alternative to care workers, health visitors and nurses.

Top 10 Gadgets In The Movies!

The film industry is almost as obsessed with technology as we are (and they have a slightly higher budget) so here’s my ‘Top 10 Gadgets In The Movies’

HAL- 2001 A Space Odyssey – Untill he went mental.

Cars – James Bond – Always the star of show.

Teleporter handset – Star Trek – Usefull after a Friday night on the town.

Memory Stealer Gun – Men In Black – No more foot in mouth incidents with this little beauty.

R2D2 – Star Wars – He plays DVDs AND he fixes things round the house

Everything – Inspector Gadget – Where to start!

The Tardis – Doctor Who – Has made its way into the dictionary, for anything that is bigger on the inside than it was on the outside.

Kit – Knight Rider – Ok, so The Knight Rider films were awful but the idea of a car that drives itself will always going to be very cool!

Odd Jobs Hat – James Bond Again – I bet he was careful when he took his hat off!

Bell Jet pack – Roller Ball – Bond seems to have cornered the market on cool stuff, this was a real life piece of kit and was flown by a stunt man called Bill Suitor

You are sure to have your own personal top 10 Gadgets in the movies, so leave a comment and let us know!

Gadgets They Will Never Make

Future gadgets they will never make, but really should…

Solar powered BBQs

Alcohol patches (similiar to nicotine patches)

Cork Retreiver (A gadget to get a broken wine cork out when all hope has gone.)

Radio Dog Collar (never let Rover get too far away again, use your cars GPS to locate your AWOL pet)

More gadgets they will never make when I thnik of them…

The real reasons we buy gadgets

We spend billions of pounds a year on gadgets but why? Here are the real reasons we buy gadgets…

MP3 player – It’s easier to ignore talkative weirdoes on the train or bus, you dont even need to switch it on-just have the earplugs in.

Satnav – Men can’t ask for directions.

Desktop/USB Toys – Work is boring.

Video Phones – It’s so easy to lie by text.

Watches and Clocks (that look like things and make funny noises) – Getting up in the morning sucks and so does turning up on time.

Kitchen Gadgets – Eating good, cooking boring.

Hair Straighteners – Because everyone else does it.

Handfree Phone Kits – While it is a sign of madness, talking to yourself looks cool, and it stops people asking for spare change.

Virtual Pets – Real animals spend half their time asleep and the other making a mess.

Portable games consoles – Hmmmm…pass. Have you seen your face when you are playing computer games?

Top 10 real reasons we buy gadgets, because we should admit them to ourselves at least (and then deny them to everyone else!!) We are interested in technology and not being cool!!!?

There are so many real reasons we buy gadgets, everyone will have their own ones, please leave a comment should you have any better ones.

Air Conditioning Units!


With summer well and truly here many of us are sweating it out either at work or at home, Air Conditioning Units is a brand new site from the people who brought your UK Gadget Shops.

Get comparions and details about all the main types of air con and over 30 air con shops from gadget shops to huge department stores. Whether you are needing a small destop fan, a mobile floor fan or a fitted wall mounted air con system its all covered. All budgets can search available store by price and find the most suitable system for your building.

Air Conditioning Units have done all the hard surfing time to save your effort. Shops featured include: John Lewis,, Comet, Currys and dozens more!

Visit Air Conditioning Units