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Prezzies Plus voucher codes

A new ish listing to UK Gadget Shops is Prezzies Plus. They have a huge selection of toys, gadgets, household gizmos, toys, games, cool fun desktop stuff and loads more!!!

Not just that but at the moment they are offering some great voucher codes: get 10% off a spend of £25 or 15% off a spend of £40, just quote ‘springboard’ to qualify.

If that was not enough you get free delivery on all orders over £10!

The range is huge and these products are perfect for a gift or a for brightening up your desktop at work!

Claim your free postage and money off vouchers at Prezzies Plus

Envirophone, get money for your old mobile

Of use to gadget lovers will be Envirophone! They will give you cash for all your old mobile phones even if they dont work! Thats right you get 90% of the value even if the phone is broken!! get up to £90 depending on what model of phone you have!!

This is a great way to recycle your old stuff and earn your self a few pounds at the same time! There are millions of older mobile phones in the UK alone and recycling them has to be good!

Get between £20 and £90 for your old phones now with Envirophone!!!

Get cash for all your old mobiles with Envirophone!!!!

Featured Store: Gizoo

Gizoo are the latest in our series of Featured Stores, they have just been added to our listings and if you love gadgets and toys you will need to know about Gizoo!!!

Gizoo take a more technological take on gadgets with useful products for around the house, traveling, fitness, eco green, audio visual and basic fun toys and gadgets. If you love gizmos and helpers for doing jobs around the house, at work and anywhere else. Kitchen gadgets, DIY gadgets, home office, energy saving gadgets, solar powered gadgets and travel gadgets are all at Gizoo.

Gizoo are offering free postage for orders over £30.

Have a quick look at what Gizoo are all about now!

Gadgeter, get a free Inflatable Radio Pillow.


Gadgeter has great gadgets and toys from under £5 plus free postage on all orders over £30. Spend £50 and get a free Inflatable Radio Pillow, spend £100 and get a USB Mouse Mat!!!

Gadgeter has a 30 day money back pilocy and all products have a 1 year fault cover as standard!

Gadgeter is the place for computer gadgets, house hold gadgets, radio controled gadgets, executive toys, clocks and tools.

Get great gadgets and electronics at Gadgeter.

Featured Store: Hawkins Bazaar


Every once in a while we will do a feature on a store that is doing well and this week we have: Hawkins Bazaar.

Hawkins Bazaar has been on UK Gadget Shops since mid 2006 and features stuff that is slightly different to the other sites listed…including Electric Shock Tanks, Voice Changer Loudhaler and the Naughty Double Duvet Cover.

There are products for gadgets, lads, kids, robots, couple, work, creative, parties, jokes, food/drink, mad science and more.

Hawkins Bazaar as great gifts for ages 3 up to adult ages, with toys and more functional stuff on sale. Who could be without a Jordan ironing Board or a Picoo Z Rc Helicopter or even a Evel Knievel Dare Devil Set!!!

Hawkins Bazaar has a 50% off sale on now so there has never bene a better time to check them out!

Visit Hawkins Bazaar and see what all the fuss is about!

Featured Store: Redsave


This week are are featuring one of our top stores: Redsave.

They have a huge selection of fun gadgets, household gadgets, USB fun gadgets and electronics. Including Electric Scooter £39.99 and USB Shaver £24.99.

What is different about Redsave? Join the Redsave Club on a monthly subscription and you will be able to buy gadgets at the lowest prices around, get up to 50% gadgets with your membership!

They are even offering new customers a month free to see what they are all about…

They have detailed descrptions of each item and price comparisions of other stores.

Redsave are serious about gadgets and are the best place to start your hunt either for a gift or for yourself!!

Check out the great bargains and stuff at Redsave!!!!

Featured Store: Firebox


Firebox is first of all a fun site that seems to be updated daily and has loads of reviews and videos for each product. The product selection is firmly in the fun and amusing sector of gadgets with fun desktop and party games a big part of what they have to offer. Their motto is ” We dont stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing” and that seems to be the ethos at Firebox!!!

Items are added all the time and there is an entensive review for each one with a video and customer comments to help you decide. Example items are USB turntable, i-Dog, PicoZ Helicopter and Dr Who Phone Flashers.

Firebox are perfect for your fun loving mate at work or something to brighten up any party!!

Firebox at UK Gadget Shops