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Amazon Kindle: A Free Library In Your Pocket

If you look through the listings for books on Amazon you will see hundreds of free downloads for Kindle titles across the whole spectrum from chart and best sellers to kids and classics you can download a whole book in seconds for nothing! The average price for Kindle titles (if they arent free!) is 5% or 10% of a regular paper book, plus there is a bigger range and the conveneince of not carrying around hundreds of books!

The Kindle Amazon is the original and best e-reader around with battery life of a few days and unique screen thats always good for your eyes and means you can read for hours without damaging your eyes!

The new Amazon Kindle 3G has free wireless access to download new books and can store up to 3500 titles at a time! Imagine carrying around that many paperbacks in one light and handy player! The Kindle also gives you loads of backround and extras to give you more from books, explaining and enhancing your reading experience!

Get the market leading reader on the market, Amazon Kindle is state of the art technology. Download a full length book in just 60 seconds!

Perfect for a holiday or a business trip. Plus you can download more with the built in 3G wirelss broadband whereever you go!

The Amazon Kindle is changing the way we think about reading and books!

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