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Gadgets For 2012 Christmas

Well I’ll be the first one to get the ball rolling for Chrimbo this year! You love it really! Getting your shopping done in good time could really save you money and time, get yours done asap to get what you want. Gadgets, novelties and toys are evergreen gifts at this time of year. Fun and unique they always offer you something different. Below are some recommendations from us of stores to try first:

Hamleys Kids love Hamleys, even a little trip there is like a Willy Wonka film to the little ones. Toys for kids of ages from baby up to teenager from character toys and figures to technology toys and gadgets for young people.

Hawkins Bazaar Great for filling the gaps of your prezzie lists. Crazy novelties, wacky gifts and gizmos you wont be able to resist!

Deviltronics Hundreds of the latest techie gadgets, a huge range of the more advanced gadgets on the market. One for the geeks out there!

Firebox The daddies of gadget stores. More of the latest gear than any other store. Reviews and videos for each product, these guys are the specialists for all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. A huge store, they have just about everything you will ever need for less. Free postage too!

Amazon One of the hot gadgets of 2013, the gift that keeps on giving with free audiobooks by the hundred to download!

Get your Christmas list ticked off early with these great stores!

Product Testing: Get A free iPhone 5

Get a free iPhone 5 smartphone free of charge from Product Testing! They are giving them away free to their members to test and keep. Just join the site for free and if selected they post one out, a bit of very basic testing later you can keep it or sell it whatever you like.

Give them your name and email address to join and if chosen you get your smartphone free in the post, they even pay for that. No technical knowledge, even of the iPhone or Apple products, are asumed.

Product Testing is a free way to test and keep great products, there are many other products to test and keep.

Get your hands on the hottest gadget of 2012 the latest and greatest iPhone from Apple free from Product Testing its 100% free of charge

Lighter, faster, smoother web and HQ camera the iPhone 5 has it all. All those apps make your life so much easier.

Join up with Product Testing for free now.

ooVoo: Video Chat For Free On The Go!

Download ooVoo now for free and get free web chat on your computer, tablet and even your mobile with up to 11 mates. Perfect HD quality, split screen conferencing whenever and wherever!

Its absolutely free and its used by 40 million people around the world!

ooVoo is a great bit of kit, taking your mobile to the next level! Unlike some other web chat services you dont need any extra software or hardware to use it!

Keep in touch with people around the world with this free bit of software, ooVoo offers great picture quality and its so easy to use.

Breffo: Flexible British Design

Looking for a funky solution to your tablet and smartphone problems? Breffo have created a range of products which are as distinctive as they are flexible. Their range of Spiderpodium products are made from steel covered in flexy rubber which you can bend into any shape you want to cradle your precious tablets and mobiles wherever you take them.

You can use them to hold your mobile in place in the car or on your bike or to hold your tablet up when you are watching something. There are a hundred uses of these products and they can fit any device.

Breffo products dont look like anything else, why spoil the design of your device with anything else?

Incredible value stands and protective holders for your gadgets at Breffo , forward thinking British design at its best.

Light and tough these products are perfect for travel or day to day life.

Breffo products cost under £15 each with cheap postage a big range of colours.

Skype: Free Phone Calls To Skype Members

Download Skype today for free and get access to a world of free benefits!

Free phone calls to other Skype members, free webcam chat, free instant messaging and free conferance calls. All you need to do is download and install the free software and buy a suitable headset for the phone calls. Thats all free but there are other Premium services which extend what you can do and the good news is that these are half price when you buy them online!

Skype could let you chat for as long as you want just using your computer and broadband, keep in touch with instant messaging and webcam plus loads of other free features. No phone bill, just a mormal broadband connection.

Take advantage of free phone calls in perfect sound quality with Skype and see what you can do with this amazing resource.

Perfect for keeping up to date with faraway family and friends, perfect for teenagers who want to chat, perfect for a household watching their bills.

Skype is 100% free and easy to use. Used by millions of people around the world!

PlayStation Vita: Win One Today!

The PlayStation Vita is the players choice. Its has an incredible 5″ OLED screen that makes the action so vivid with all sorts of controllers in front and behind that keep you in charge of the play plus Wi-Fi connectivity and the best portable games ever!

The Vita is the culmination of gaming technology up to now, it doesnt get any better than this in terms of the play, the games and the console itself. As of 2012 this is it!

You could win the new PlayStation Vita in this free to enter competition, just join the offer site for free to enter. All you have to do is fill in your details and it will only take a second or two.

Experience the greatest gaming ever with a free PlayStation Vita nextgen gaming console!

These babies cost £200 to £270 each!

For better 3-D graphics, full colour and smoother gameplay with unique controllers that help you take anyone on the PlayStation Vita is the best so far!

We Only List Good Sites!

Read the Metro article about the website selling/making up ridiculous stuff? Diet Water, Extreme Ironing the book, Rear Gear Pet Anus Covers. Some of them are made up and some are genuine, but can you tell which ones!

There is some really dumb stuff here, and some actually quiet good ideas, kind of. is a fun site but its not real!

Just a reminder that UK Gadget Shops only promote sites with 100% genuine and quality products. They might be a bit out there sometimes (ahead of their time?) but they are all real and ready to ship!

You can see what we are on about and see if you can tell the difference The Metro someone of them actually sound quiet cool!

All the leading gadgets and technology websites listed and reviewed at UK Gadget Shops and best of all they are all real products!

All the fun except all the products are real! There are some amazing ones here like USB toys, jokes, novelties and gifts.

Amazon Kindle: A Free Library In Your Pocket

If you look through the listings for books on Amazon you will see hundreds of free downloads for Kindle titles across the whole spectrum from chart and best sellers to kids and classics you can download a whole book in seconds for nothing! The average price for Kindle titles (if they arent free!) is 5% or 10% of a regular paper book, plus there is a bigger range and the conveneince of not carrying around hundreds of books!

The Kindle Amazon is the original and best e-reader around with battery life of a few days and unique screen thats always good for your eyes and means you can read for hours without damaging your eyes!

The new Amazon Kindle 3G has free wireless access to download new books and can store up to 3500 titles at a time! Imagine carrying around that many paperbacks in one light and handy player! The Kindle also gives you loads of backround and extras to give you more from books, explaining and enhancing your reading experience!

Get the market leading reader on the market, Amazon Kindle is state of the art technology. Download a full length book in just 60 seconds!

Perfect for a holiday or a business trip. Plus you can download more with the built in 3G wirelss broadband whereever you go!

The Amazon Kindle is changing the way we think about reading and books!

Red5: Sale Now On With A Third Off

Red5 have hundreds of technology toys, gadgets and space age novelties to choose from, something for everyone!

As a gift or just the addition to your gadget collection this store is a must see, but you probably know that already! They have a sale now on with a third off loads of items.

Red5 is now rated as the 38th fastest growing company in the UK by The Sunday Times in their Fasttrack 100 which must mean they are getting something right!

Gifts and gadgets now at sale prices at Red5 , this store has it all. Just as long as you have sense of humour!

Whether you want a USB novelty, big kids game or party trick, Red5 has what you want!

Hawkins Bazaar: Pocket Money Toys

For the man who has everything! Hawkins Bazaar has some of the coolest toys we have ever seen and with prices starting at just a few pence you will want them all. Toys for kids of all ages, gadgets, retro novelties, gifts and weird stuff that doesnt fit in any category.

If you have some gifts to this should be your first port of call, there are thousands options so theres sure to be something for everyone!

Hawkins Bazaar is a big favourite with the team at UK Gadget Shops, it has losts of crazy stuff we’ve never seen before, check them out!

Toys you wont want to put down at Hawkins Bazaar, the home of wacky and fun stuff! Kids will love it!

Prices start at under £1 each, stocking fillers or just fun stuff at pocket money prices at Hawkins Bazaar!